Instalment payment plan is here!

After many of you asked us and many hours of development, we present the most important novelty of our new website.
Thanks to our team, we have implemented our own instalment payment plan that has the particularity of not charging commission to the client since, as we know, it was your main concern.

We have prioritized it to be a very intuitive and simple to use system. We will discuss the process below but first we would like to point out a couple of important issues regarding this type of order.

The different stages of payment in instalments would be:


If your order is over 200€ during the purchase process, in section 4 "PAYMENT", the option to be able to pay it in installments appears (Instalment payment plan). You would simply have to select that option and move on.
Next you will have to select the number of monthly payments. Depending on the total of your order, the system will offer you the different options that we offer you (these will have a maximum limit of 12 months and a minimum limit of €50 per month. The options will move in that range).
To finish, you will have to select the payment method that best suits you and complete the payment of the reservation. Remember that this will be the payment method that you will keep in the rest of the monthly payments. You can always change it but you would have to contact us for it


If you have selected a card or PayPal, we will take care of sending you the payment request monthly. When you are ready, you would simply have to make that payment and you will verify that it appears in the order payment record.
If you have selected bank transfer, you would have to take the account number that we indicated in the email sent when you made the purchase and make the payment in that account indicating your order number. When we receive the payment (it may take a few days), we will assign the payment to your order and you will be able to verify that it also appears in said payment record within the order. If you have made a payment and it is not assigned, contact us and we will handle the case.


Once you have paid the last monthly payment, the order will be complete and you will not have to do anything else. We will take care of everything.
If the figure is in stock, we will proceed to its shipment. If the figure is still in pre-sale, it will be sent to you when it arrives. We would also like to point out a couple of important parts regarding this type of order.
You can also finish the payments before the scheduled date if you wish. In this case you would have to contact us to indicate how you should proceed


It might seem like a no-brainer if you're a regular customer, but we think it's important for new customers to know this fact.
Normally when a customer chooses to buy in instalments in any store, this store delivers the product to the customer and the store manages the collection of installments with a bank. At Global Freaks it's something different.
Since we do not work with any bank to offer 0$ of interest, our only assurance that the monthly payments will be paid in full is to keep the order with us until the payments are completed. Therefore, the product is shipped once the last payment has been made.
In the event that the product is still in pre-order, the shipment would be made when the figure is received.
If it were an order with several pre-orders figures, the shipment would be made when the last pre-order of the order is received.


It is not possible to make any changes to an order placed in instalments. The order would have to be canceled in its entirety and placed again. We must pay attention to the current price of the products since it is not possible to maintain the price of the original order in new orders even if they come from a cancellation.

The cancellation of an order made with instalment payment plan is identical to that of a pre- order order and there are 2 options:

  1. Less than 15 days have passed since the purchase was formalized, in which case we offer the possibility of reimbursing 100% of the purchase. You just have to contact us and we will manage it
  2. That more than 15 days have passed since the formalization of the purchase, in which case we reserve the right not to accept the cancellation after this date has elapsed. You should also contact us to manage it.